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Multiple medical institutions share information about one patient household

Reserving the new corona vaccine is more complicated than reserving influenza.
Uttaro, who has a proven track record in pediatric vaccine and travel vaccine reservation business, will offer a plan specializing in streamlining the reception of new Rona vaccine reservations so that vaccinated people, mainly adults, can make reservations smoothly.
You can also apply as a set with the influenza plan.

[For Uttaro-introduced medical institutions]

Share information and vaccination history of reserved patients! The clinic can check the vaccination history of the patient who made the reservation in advance from the management screen, and can also update the history of the patient who made and received the reservation through this system.

[For Uttaro-introduced medical institutions]

Share information and vaccination history of reserved patients! The clinic can check the vaccination history of the patient who made the reservation in advance from the management screen, and can also update the history of the patient who made and received the reservation through this system.

予約患者の情報・接種履歴をリアルタイムに複数医療機関で共有! ワクチンメーカーごとのルールで予約制限

​Only PCs and tablets connected to the Internet should be prepared.

--Main functions--

  1. We also support telephone reservations and window reservations for the elderly.

  2. It is possible to set restrictions and display warnings according to the rules of each vaccine manufacturer.

  3. Simultaneous reservation with family is also possible

  4. Limitation on the number of vaccinations for each vaccine

  5. Restrictions on manufacturers that can make reservations for each reservation frame

  6. Supports age restrictions for each reservation frame

  7. Total number of reservations and implementations

  8. Send a reminder email the day before the implementation date

  9. Implementation record update function

No initial cost! Fee system according to the results of labor saving

Monthly fee \ 3,000 + Pay by pay-as-you-go for the amount used according to the number of vaccinations

I think that you are worried about the drastic initial investment for improving the efficiency of reservations for the new corona vaccination, which is subject to change day by day.

At Uttaro, we will charge only for the amount that saves the trouble of the reception staff.

Of the reservations made this month, the basic charge will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis according to the number of reservations made after receiving online reservations. With uncertain schedules and inventories, you can thoroughly eliminate unnecessary up-front investment in the fluid new corona vaccination business.

For example, reservations made manually by the staff at the counter for the first-time elderly patients are not counted in the number of participants and are not included in the scope of implementation.


Corona vaccine Individual inoculation Popular with medical institutions in the area!

Main features

No special software needs to be installed on a specific PC Any PC that can connect to the Internet and browse websites can be operated. Remote work for clerical staff is also possible! Since the past history is converted into data from the history image of the MCH handbook, it is easy to transfer from other companies' systems.

Price comparison
Initial cost
Monthly cost
\ 3,300 +​ Pay-as-you-go billing according to the number of implementations
Company A
66,000 yen
2750,000 yen
Company B
Company C
110,000 yen
From 33,000 yen​
From 1 million yen
In the maintenance contract contents​ evening

​The number of reservations made by staff who are not online members is not charged.

​Charged from the start of use regardless of whether it is used or not

​Charged from the start of use regardless of whether it is used or not

For vaccination management
Specialized function

A major ticket reservation site will offer a pay-as-you-go fee of 1,100 yen per vaccination online reservation.

Uttaro offers at a cost of 1/15 or less. Moreover, the charge is based on the number of participants, not the number of reservations.

​Frequently Asked Questions Before Implementation

Q. Are there any restrictions on the contract period?

A. is not. However, the contract cannot be canceled until the month when the reservation is made because the number of implementations is charged.

In addition, only medical institutions that the flat-rate plan is easier to make decisions in the hospital have a fixed period.There is an example of making an estimate at.

Q. Is it possible to automatically make a two-time set reservation?

A. can not. Instead, it is possible to set it so that the second time can be taken only after one implementation, or it is not a two-time set, but it can be set so that two future reservations can be made.

It is also possible to allow online reservations only for the first time, and for the second date and time, the medical institution will secure a frame and confirm it. There are also auxiliary functions such as a copy function for the second reservation.

Currently, Pfizer's new corona vaccine is to be inoculated twice with a schedule of 3 weeks or more, but it is expected that it will be inoculated 3 times in the future and that vaccine reservations by vaccine manufacturers with different inoculation intervals will increase. increase. In that case, there is a concern that the automatic reservation system for a two-time set may eventually become inflexible. In addition, each manufacturer is advancing support such as application for approval for the third booster vaccination.

​ According to the materials of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is necessary to leave at least 19 days, and if the standard is to inoculate at intervals of 3 weeks and the schedule is longer than that, the second inoculation is given in less than 6 weeks, and if it has passed. However, there seems to be no upper limit for inoculation. In the EU, the interval is up to 6 weeks, so it is announced that it should be used as a guide. With Uttaro, it is possible to set an upper limit from the first time and issue a warning, so please use those functions as well.

About Pfizer's vaccination interval

Q. Is it possible to gradually limit the age of patients who can be booked? 75 years old or older, 65 years old or older, less than that, etc.

A.​ I can do it. By setting the lower limit of the age limit of the vaccine master, you can set the age limit for each vaccine, or you can set the age limit for each reservation frame and accept online reservations.

Q. Is it possible to set the first reservation frame and the second reservation frame separately?

A.​ Although it is not possible to set restrictions, it is possible to give a name to each reservation frame and display it to the patient, so by setting a name such as "1st reservation frame" or "2nd reservation frame", 1 The second reservation can be directed to the first reservation slot, and the second reservation can be directed to the second reservation slot. The name of the reservation frame can be viewed by the administrator, so it is easy to manage.

Q. Are there any measures to prevent people who are not yet eligible for reservations in advance?

A.​ You can require the inoculation ticket number to be entered in the message field before confirming the reservation.

Q. If the staff manually makes a reservation, are there many input items?

A.​ The only required items are the name of the inoculated person, Yomigana, the date of birth (Japanese calendar or the Christian era), the type of corona vaccine to be reserved, and the number of times.

If you can hear and have enough space to enter, please enter your phone number, zip code, medical examination ticket number, etc.

​Inquiries / Quotations Request
In addition to medical institutions, we also accept inquiries from medical associations about the new corona vaccine vaccination reservation plan...
​​ * Due to the rapid increase in inquiries, it may take longer than usual to reply. note that.
Please select the desired content.
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