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For pediatric and internal medicine

Uttaro improves the efficiency of vaccination reservation!

We wouldn't like reception staff to bother with phone calls and hand writing any more.

No need to install any soft wares and​ buy equipments.

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Uttaro supports vaccination for infants and adults ,seasonal ful shot and medical check up.

Receptionist / nurse / doctor

Smart information transmission via PC or tablet

Age of reserved patient, past vaccination history and reservation status,

You can check the required number of vaccines and the implementation status.

Reduces hilarious hats such as accidental inoculations.

A paper ledger, telephone, calendar and calculator are required to make a vaccination reservation. Nurses and receptionists are always busy calculating and explaining vaccination intervals, parents with children also spend more time at medical institutions, and even if they try to make a reservation by phone from home, they are busy. We will eliminate such mutual waste.

  1. In pediatrics, the time it takes to make a schedule reservation by phone or at the counter with parents is reduced!

  2. Some medical institutions are completed with 90% or more unmanned online reservations.

  3. Reduce the burden on staff by shortening the time for checking the full age and inoculation interval rules

  4. Office work can also be done by remote work! Ideal for staff raising children

  5. It is easy to predict the amount of vaccine required and reduce unnecessary orders.

  6. Reliable domestic data center use


Uttaro's support is amazing here!

01 01

On the hearing

Vaccine rules and booking pattern settings

Leave the initial settings to us!

02 02

The patient's past vaccination history is converted into data from the maternal and child handbook image!​

Data conversion record of 10,000 people

03 03

Direct support for parents / patients who do not know how to register or operate online reservations

Support for patients

Three months after the introduction, 83% of medical institutions answered that the burden and stress of vaccination work was reduced.

Voice of introduction medical institution

With the retirement of medical office staff, it was expected that office work would not be possible. However, by reducing the number of reservation reception office work with the introduction of Uttaro, even beginners and nurses could be assigned to the reception desk during medical hours, and somehow the clinic could be operated without interruption of medical office work.

Pediatric clinic, Fukuoka prefecture

Already used by 50,000 households for online reservations

​ Satisfaction of parents and patients will increase

​ Reviews on Google are also easy to get high ratings

​To be honest, it was a burden to make a reservation call during the hospital's consultation hours while I was working. It's safe to leave the reservation at the counter when going to the hospital, but it takes a long time, so I'm worried about the risk of infection ...


If you make an online reservation, you can make a calm reservation even at night, outside the consultation hours, or on Sundays! Since you don't have to stay in the hospital for a long time, the risk of infection is reduced and it is convenient!

It's difficult to think about the schedule for online reservations by yourself, and I'm worried about registering and operating the history, but is that okay?


You can flexibly respond to conventional window reservations in parallel with online reservations!

It takes time to register for the first time, but if you register the inoculation history, the guideline of the schedule will be displayed, and even when making a reservation, warnings and reservations that do not meet the rules are prohibited. If you have trouble with the operation, you can get support via LINE or telephone.

Those who are difficult, foreigners, or those who have a medical history and cannot make a reservation on a regular schedule should apply at the hospital counter. * Correspondence depends on the policy of the medical institution.

If you do not look at the Mother and Child Handbook every time you make a phone reservation, you will not be able to confirm the reservation, or you will not be able to inoculate on the day due to a mistake.


If you register the photo of the Mother and Child Handbook, Uttaro will convert the past history into data. The history of online reservations will be updated by the hospital, making it even more convenient.

Experience the operation of the patient / guardian with the video.

Request materials and try it now! Feel free to ask questions even from chat


If you have any questions about the service specifications

Please contact us.

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In addition to medical institutions, we also accept consultations on the utilization of vaccination reservation services at organizations other than medical institutions such as corporate insurance associations.
​​ * Due to the rapid increase in inquiries, it may take longer than usual to reply. note that.
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