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Reservation method

New Coronavirus Vaccine Online Reservation Method

If you are new to using the Uttaro GENKI notebook and have not newly registered, please do so.

If you have used online reservation with Uttaro even at another medical institution in the past, please log in and make a reservation with the login account of the Uttaro GENKI notebook that you obtained earlier.

Reservation flow Video image

First of all, please log in before making a reservation.
Be sure to have your vaccination ticket and vaccination certificate at hand.

For individual inoculation, select "New Corona (Pfizer)" and select the date and time you want to make a reservation based on availability.

Please read "Notice" at the top of the reservation screen carefully.

In the "Notice" column of the reservation reception screen of each medical institution, do you only have to make the first online reservation, or do you make the second online reservation yourself after 3 weeks? The policy of the medical institution is described, such as whether you have made an irregular reservation such as wanting to make a reservation only for the second time, so please be sure to read it carefully before making a reservation.

Reservations that do not meet the rules specified by each medical institution may be canceled by the medical institution.note that.

​Please be careful about the interval between the first and second vaccinations, the interval between vaccinations with other vaccines, and the self-report.

If the next reservation date and time does not meet the inoculation rules, you will not be able to make a reservation.

Pfizer's new corona vaccine requires a minimum of 3 weeks between the first and second doses, and a minimum of 2 weeks between vaccinations other than the corona vaccine (such as influenza vaccine) .

If you self-report an inoculation history that is different from the facts, we may refuse the inoculation on the day.

Changes or cancellations after booking

When the reservation is completed successfully, the reservation list will be displayed on My Page. 
If you have to change or cancel your reservation, please do so from My Page.
* Depending on the settings of the medical institution,
it may not be possible to change or cancel online. In that case, please contact the medical institution directly and let us know your request for cancellation.

Please contact us by the day before to avoid wasting your precious vaccine.

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