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Uttaro GENKI notebook

​If you are using for the first time, please refer to the video manual.

​If you are uncertain about how to use it, or if you have a problem

You can manage vaccination history, vaccinations for your family, and make online reservations for medical examinations on your smartphone. If you are a compatible medical institution, you can make reservations at multiple medical institutions with one account! You do not have to declare your vaccination history multiple times.

You can log in and make a reservation with the same email address and password for both pediatric / influenza login and new corona vaccine reservation login.

As an electronic vaccination notebook for children and families

Uttaro4コママンガ 予防接種履歴の登録

Uttaro  You can obtain a GENKI notebook account and register your child's birth information and past vaccination history, including your brothers (sisters). In the actual maternal and child handbook, it becomes very difficult to see if the vaccination history increases, but you can organize the child vaccination history and the next reservation schedule neatly on the Web and manage them smartly. Past vaccination history and Uttaro  If the inoculation history is not automatically reflected, such as when you do not make an online reservation through the GENKI notebook, you can post and add the inoculation history yourself.

Share your child's information with your GP

Your GP will also be able to share information such as your child's vaccination history, making it easier to check in advance on the day of your appointment and discuss future vaccination schedules. If all your child's vaccination history is not registered, you cannot say that you have correctly shared information with your doctor. That is why it is necessary to register the correct inoculation history. Thank you for your cooperation.

Prevent forgetting to get vaccinated with vaccination assistance

Focusing on vaccination of infants, the assistance function that displays a list of vaccines that can be vaccinated soon, vaccines that are approaching the final date of vaccination, and vaccination from the registered family's date of birth and history. Equipped with a bean dictionary that describes the rules. You can prevent forgetting to inoculate.

* Vaccination Assistance displays the period based on the standard vaccine schedule. The recommended period may differ depending on the physical condition of each patient and the region. Please be sure to consult a doctor at a medical institution and use it as a guide only.

Kind vaccination online reservation reception function

Uttaro4コママンガ ネット予約の流れとルール

At clinics that support online reservations from the Uttaro GENKI notebook, you can make vaccination reservations from the Internet using your computer or smartphone with the account you have acquired. When making a reservation, not only look for a vacant schedule, but also check whether the child is of a suitable age for vaccination and whether the schedule is sufficiently spaced according to the rules from the previous vaccination. Since you can proceed while watching and answering questions, you can reduce the probability of making a reservation on a schedule that does not meet the rules.

You can only complete the reservation while checking the vaccination history, age, number of vaccinations, etc., so register the history in advance and start the reservation with plenty of time.

In addition, if you make a reservation from the Uttaro GENKI notebook and the inoculation is carried out, it will be automatically updated without having to manually post the history. If the updated content is different from what you actually inoculated, please contact us.

Promptly issue certificates for children studying abroad!

Uttaro4コママンガ 英文和文接種履歴証明書の発行

Issuing an English certificate is a complete proof of past history, such as it takes several weeks to issue even if you contact a nearby medical institution, hospital, or local government, only Japanese is supported, and only the history of the past 5 years is output. Finding a medical institution that can issue a book is also difficult. Issuing a certificate for one person can be very expensive.

If you usually register the latest completed vaccination history in Uttaro, or if you register the latest maternal and child handbook image and convert it to data, you can shorten the vaccination history certificate to Uttaro compatible medical institutions in English or Japanese. It is possible to request issuance in days. The issuance fee varies depending on the medical institution, so if you have a request, please check directly with your local Uttaro-compatible medical institution.

* If you have a history of vaccination that has not been approved in Japan, such as having traveled abroad, or if you need to issue a special format or in a language other than English or Japanese, even a Uttaro-compatible medical institution cannot or will issue it. It may take some time. note that. First of all, please consult with the medical institution about the required format, travel destination, usage, etc. and check whether it can be handled and the cost.

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