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Eye Kids Clinic (Aichi Prefecture)

10,000 vaccinations per year, such as regular vaccinations for children, and 5,000 vaccinations per season for influenza.
With Uttaro, you can manage vaccination history and set complicated vaccination rules for children. An essential item for sharing information within the hospital and streamlining ordering operations


It is an area where there are many child-rearing households at the base of TOYOTA. Influenced by the movie I saw at the time, I thought that from now on, I would like to streamline all medical care with the ICT cloud. As much as we have made it more efficient, our policy is to provide a full range of services that only doctors and medical professionals can do.
Currently, in addition to pediatric outpatient immunization, we also handle travel vaccines for adults, and in addition to general medical examinations, we also specialize in consultation and treatment of children's autism and developmental disorders.
In addition to expanding into the field of cosmetic dermatology, which is easy for children and mothers to attend with peace of mind, from 2022, children who tend to stay at home due to the corona wreck can develop a dance class as a place where they can play an active role.

Eye Kids Clinic Director Kenji Aizu


Q...Introduction of Uttaro/Why did you choose Uttaro?

  • Uttaro has been introduced since the hospital opened in 2014.

As of 2022, it was set with a medical examination reservationPediatric Internal Medicine Basic Plan,Influenza vaccine plan,New Corona Vaccine Dedicated Plancontract for three Uttaro plans.
Around 2014, when the hospital first opened, there were still few cloud-based medical systems. There was only one cloud electronic medical record company, and most of the consultation reservation systems were installed on the hospital server.At that time, Uttaro was not only a cloud, but also a patient's history can be built with one account like SNS and shopping sites, and it can be used in the same way for reservations at multiple medical institutions. I was.At that time, Uttaro didn't put much effort into advertising and public relations, so it was difficult to find him.

  • Recommend patients and guardians to make online reservations from Uttaro instead of taking reservations over the phone as much as possible

The past history of the reservation person is in UttaroData conversion from maternal and child handbook image registrationIf a reservation does not meet the rules or requires special attention, a warning will be issued.
The routine work of the clerical staff is to check the contents of the vaccinations for the patients to be administered the next day and the check items for the operations that the staff should perform on paper the day before, in order, and to write down everything.


Q...Please tell us about Uttaro's reservation system.

  • The number of vaccination appointments increases each year

 10,000 vaccinations per year, including regular vaccinations for children, 5,000 influenza vaccinations per season.
Reservations for corona vaccines have been accepted for 10,000 people in two months from the reservation reception.
The good thing about introducing Uttaro is that you can manage vaccination history, set complicated vaccination rules for children, and almost automate reception 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is easy to share information and divide work within the hospital, including reservation details.

annualInfluenza Vaccine Online ReservationThe effect of time is high, and it is not uncommon for 2,000 reservations to be confirmed in one day from the start of reservation, but the reservation can be completed almost unattended.
With an on-premises in-hospital server type system, it seems that the system can become busy even if there are not many simultaneous accesses, but in the last few years Uttaro in particular has improved server performance and database configuration. , is stable even with a significant number of concurrent accesses.


Q...Please tell us about the actual operation of Uttaro.

  • Expectations for sharing vaccine reservation history at multiple medical institutions

 Uttaro GENKI notebookFor the implementation history of patients using , the data of the maternal and child health handbook images and the data implemented at other medical institutions in the vicinity including our hospital are recorded and saved cross-sectionally and in chronological order. there is Since there is a function to paste the data as text, the reception staff pastes the information into the electronic medical record when the reserved patient comes to the hospital.
 From the fall of 2021, batch entry of vaccine lot numbers and recording of vaccination sites are now available, eliminating the need to manually enter lot numbers in the vaccination column of electronic medical records. Staff input work has been further reduced. The lot number can also be recorded and displayed in the vaccination history of the patient's Uttaro GENKI notebook My Page.It would be convenient for patients to have their own accurate vaccination history stored in the cloud as well as paper maternal and child health handbooks and vaccination certificates.

 In Toyota City, there are multiple medical institutions that have introduced Uttaro even in nearby medical institutions, so if you are a user household of the Uttaro GENKI notebook, even if your family wants to go to a different medical institution depending on your age and the vaccine you want to inoculate, you can use the Uttaro GENKI notebook. With your registration information, you can easily make reservations and keep your performance history up-to-date.In addition to preventing erroneous vaccinations in the community and saving the time and effort of data entry, it is also highly beneficial for patient households. Until now, only households raising children may have used Uttaro for year-round vaccination reservations for their children, but with the implementation of the corona vaccine, all family members can use Uttaro accounts to record histories at multiple medical institutions. While sharing, it will also increase the use of making appointments for vaccines at your own expense, including influenza vaccines, at clinics and hospital outpatient clinics.


Q...Please tell us about the features of Uttaro that are particularly utilized.

Initially, the health checkup function was a simple function, but recently it has become possible to limit the age of health checkup appointments. You can set your favorite items such as consultations and change the display, regardless of whether the reservation items are medical examinations or not. I think this age limit is very convenient not only for medical examinations subsidized by the local government, but also for self-funded medical examinations and consultation appointments for developmental disorders and autism.
The medical examination history is also on the patient sideUttaro GENKI notebookSince the history is now recorded on the , the benefits have increased, such as being able to register the child's growth record.
We have heard that the health checkup function is planned to be further enhanced in response to requests from our hospital, and we are looking forward to the version upgrade.

Due to the regional characteristics, many patients go on business trips or study abroad, and it was difficult to create a handwritten certificate of vaccination history. It is now possible. Patients can also get the certificate quickly after requesting it.


Q...Please tell us about your ingenuity in using Uttaro.

  • About the usual operation and devices to handle vaccinations and medical examinations for many patients

Cloud-based reservation system for medical appointments3bees, Electronic medical records also use the cloud type,Merp web questionnaireIn addition, LINE official accounts are also used to communicate with parents and patients.
In fact, none of the systems use the linkage function. Since it runs on Chrome, as soon as work starts, doctors and other staff members log in to the cloud system for the work they are in charge of, separate tabs with one browser, and operate on one terminal. This has been the operation since the beginning of the business, and the staff are accustomed to the current operation.
 In the staff room, which patients do not enter, laptop computers are placed near the related equipment and staff to make it easier to work, shortening the wiring, and multiple large displays are installed on the walls to display various reservation lists and statuses. All staff can grasp at a glance without having to log in every time with a small terminal.
Communication between hospital staff is streamlined using business chat tools.

Even if Uttaro has been subscribed to multiple plans since last year, it has become more convenient because it is now possible to switch between plans with one click in a single window according to usage.
Pediatrics, which has a large number of appointments for influenza vaccines that also inoculate adults, has a year-round basic planflu vaccine planI think that it is often more efficient to make a separate contract.


 The drug wholesaler also signed a contract with a company that has a system that allows ordering from the cloud based on the policy at the time of opening. We use Uttaro to check reservation totals and past performance totals, and place orders using the supplier's ordering system.Influenza vaccines are based on last year's implementation results, and reservations will begin from late August to October, so by early September, the number of reservations for the first half of the season can be read.For many years now, we have established a system that makes it easier for wholesalers to secure inventory by presenting past season performance and current season reservation status to drug wholesalers at an early stage.
Because the number of vaccines used is large, the turnover is fast, and in general, there is little concern about the expiry date of vaccines. The clerical staff was struggling to manage even the corona vaccine.
I've heard that Uttaro is about to release a function that will enable not only lot reading but also expiration date checking with a barcode reader, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q... What about inventory management of vaccines?


Q... Please let us know if you have any other impressions after using Uttaro.

  • In order to always think about tomorrow, DX conversion of medical care is indispensable for clinic management​/inside and outside from usualBetter communication

We are trying to create opportunities for communication with contractors and local government officials with whom we do business on a regular basis. By deepening communication and negotiating, I convey the issues and needs that I feel and make it easier for them to respond. No system is perfect from the beginning, so I feel that by communicating the issues, the functions are improved year by year, and by sharing the situation on the ground with the local government, it becomes easier to work on improving the issues.
As a management analysis, 3bees'bee compassis used to visualize receipt computer information and use it as analysis data. By using Uttaro, I feel that it can be used to grasp the past trends and status of vaccinations and health checkups, which are the main areas of pediatrics, which are generally difficult to manage and understand.
We have been using a cloud system since the hospital opened, so it is difficult to compare the difference in efficiency compared to when we are not using it, but we are able to use our time effectively even with fewer staff than other hospitals.


​It is limited to medical institutions that perform vaccination work.

〒471-0052 3-10-2 Aizumacho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture

A clinic with a very smart white and red design
What surprised me when I visited was the paucity of posters and paper notices.
iKids Clinic Director Aizu's policy has been spread not only to staff but also to patients

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