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1 month demo environment trial

​It is limited to medical institutions that perform vaccination work.

If you wish to forgo your formal application, please take the survey.

How to apply and steps after application

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Step2. We will confirm your application by phone or email.

Step3. When you receive it, we will open an account and mail you the opening information and a set of manuals.

Please note that it may take some time to issue an account depending on the application status.

Step4. Perform initial settings in the trial environment according to the operation of the medical institution. It is also possible to ask the sales representative to set it up for you after telling your request.

You can set it by yourself while watching the video manual or PDF manual, but you may feel that there are many setting items and it may be troublesome.

We will conduct a web interview or an e-mail form, listen to your requests, and set up the contents according to the current situation. If you have not decided on the number of people in the reservation frame, the timetable, etc., please contact us as soon as it is decided and we will respond.

Step5. Please check the operation in the hospital.

​ Once the online reservation slot has been created, the staff can use the Uttaro GENKI Notebook as a new patient to register and make a trial. Please check if the explanations of vaccines and medical examinations and the information in the emails are not in line with the actual situation, and check the operation by checking the combination of simultaneous vaccinations.

Step4. Please try the operability within the free period.

* After the free trial period ends, if you do not intend to make a formal contract, your account will be temporarily closed.

Step5. Full-scale introduction If you decide to adopt, make a formal contract

Please let us know your intention to hire and the operation start schedule.

If you have decided on a formal contract, we accept individual paid orders for requests such as operation support and patient notification tools (posters / information leaflets).

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