1 month demo environment trial

​It is limited to medical institutions that perform vaccination work.

If you wish to forgo your formal application, please take the survey.

How to apply and steps after application

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Step2. We will confirm your application by phone or email.

Step3. When you receive it, we will open an account and mail you the opening information and a set of manuals.

Please note that it may take some time to issue an account depending on the application status.





​ネット予約枠が作成できたら、スタッフ様側にて、Uttaro GENKI手帳で患者側として新規登録から予約まで試しに行っていただくことが可能です。ワクチンや健診の説明文やメールの案内が、実情にそった文章になっていないところがないか、同時接種の組み合わせなど、チェックして動作確認をお願いいたします。

Step4. Please try the operability within the free period.

* After the free trial period ends, if you do not intend to make a formal contract, your account will be temporarily closed.

Step5. Full-scale introduction If you decide to adopt, make a formal contract

Please let us know your intention to hire and the operation start schedule.

If you have decided on a formal contract, we accept individual paid orders for requests such as operation support and patient notification tools (posters / information leaflets).