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​Efficient appointment for vaccination and medical checkup

We will provide online vaccination and medical appointments on the cloud. Immunization histories, which is important for preventing accidental immunization and considering the guideline for the next immunization schedule. We input immunization histories after patients or guardians register photos of immunization history page in the maternal and child's notebook.

​We don't border patients and guardians  to make reservations via this system.

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Uttaro GENKI

Share vaccination histories with

 medical institutions/patient families/Uttaro


​ Online reservation reception

If you have a PC that can connect to the Internet, you can receive vaccination and check-up online 24h. ​Vaccine reservation is set according to the policy of the medical institution


Vaccination management

Reservation list output, aggregate data, inventory management output.

​Abundant optional functions. We can also support parts that cannot be handled automatically.


Patient information management

Prevents near-miss by browsing information registered by patients such as past vaccination history, contact information, and maternal and child's handbook photos before visiting the hospital.



Receive messages from reserved patients at the time of reservation, update notifications to patients and vaccine explanations on the reservation site

​Easy notification of temporary measures to prevent new corona infection

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Convert historical data from photos

The past vaccination history of the family is converted to data by taking a picture of the vaccination history page of the mother and child notebook and registering it and waiting


Find compatible hospitals and make reservations

Make a reservation online by searching for a family medical institution that supports Uttaro. Medical institutions will update the history of online reservations, making it more convenient.


Show next vaccination guideline

Display standard inoculation date based on registered history and date of birth Read explanation of assistance function and vaccination


Japanese and English vaccination history certificate

If you need a certificate in English or Japanese, you can quickly request a medical institution by registering the history in Uttaro.

※ issue fee and the corresponding depends on the medical institution. Please contact your medical institution in advance.

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