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Reservation frame management

Reservation frame pattern setting

At Uttaro, for example, every 30 minutes, you can only make reservations for the same length of time and the same reception vaccine routine. For each day of the week and each hour, you can specify the length of time, capacity, and type of vaccine received in the reservation segment. By saving the pattern for each day of the week and each season, it is easy to set the reservation frame for each month.

Pattern settings will be set by support if you tell us the current operation and desired operation. If the staff is too busy to set monthly reservation slots, we will outsource with an optional fee.

​Reservation registration by reception staff Interruption reservation

At the beginning of the introduction, reservations already made by phone and paper ledger were applied to the system to limit the capacity, and online reservations were inevitably difficult, so although new registration was completed, the next reservation was made at the time of payment. I think there are some patients who can go home.

After the introduction, reservations can only be made online, and even patients who are not registered in the Uttaro GENKI notebook or who are registered but can make reservations at the reception desk can make reservations at the counter. It can be operated in parallel with online reservation.

Form output such as reservation list and update of inoculation implementation history

You can output and use the forms that have been managed by hand, such as the patient list, required vaccine capacity, and vaccine-specific list that were entered by online reservation or interruption reservation at the counter.

One-click status update for reserved patients whether they performed as scheduled on the day or whether they were shelved

​ When the status is updated, parents and patients will be updated with the implementation history every time without having to post the vaccination history anymore.

Text copy function of inoculation history

If it is a cloud type or other electronic medical record that can be opened on the same PC terminal as Uttaro, the patient's inoculation history accumulated in Uttaro can be copied and pasted as a text and used, or documents that need to be transcribed can be created efficiently.

​ At medical institutions using cloud-based electronic medical records, the reception staff and doctors collaborated, and this function was able to significantly improve operational efficiency in vaccination work.

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