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​Vaccine master

Realize free reservation with time reservation capacity system! Pediatric internal medicine basic plan only

How to edit and check basic settings


Set items such as age restrictions, grades, combinations of simultaneous vaccinations, and period of regular vaccinations that can be visually confirmed at the telephone or at the counter based on the maternal and child health record or electronic medical record.

When a patient makes an online reservation according to the set rules, restrictions and alerts are displayed to prevent reservations that do not meet the rules from entering.

​Limitation on the number of people reserved by vaccine Correspondence to vaccines with insufficient supply


If you wish to try the first setting, we will provide it with the standard setting by referring to the schedule recommended by the Japanese Society of Pediatrics at the time of shipment of the trial environment.

You can start the trial immediately if you edit it according to the policy of the medical institution or the policy of the local government, or check if there is any part that does not match the operation with the vaccines handled and the setting contents.

In addition to the influenza vaccine, there are many applicants for reservations, but there are concerns about supply. Implemented a reservation number limit function to prevent you from having to contact cancellation due to lack of inventory after making a reservation

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