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Multiple medical institutions share information about one patient household

This year's flu booking can be complicated.
The new coronavirus vaccine and other vaccines should be given at intervals of 2 weeks.

[For Uttaro-introduced medical institutions]

Share information and vaccination history of reserved patients! The clinic can check the vaccination history of the patient who made the reservation in advance from the management screen, and can also update the history of the patient who made and received the reservation through this system.

[For Uttaro-introduced medical institutions]

Share information and vaccination history of reserved patients! The clinic can check the vaccination history of the patient who made the reservation in advance from the management screen, and can also update the history of the patient who made and received the reservation through this system.


​Only PCs and tablets connected to the Internet should be prepared.

--Main functions--

  1. We also support telephone reservations and window reservations for the elderly.

  2. It is possible to set restrictions and display warnings according to the rules for each age.

  3. Simultaneous reservation with family is also possible

  4. Limitation on the number of vaccinations for each vaccine

  5. Restrictions on manufacturers that can make reservations for each reservation frame

  6. Supports age restrictions for each reservation frame

  7. Total number of reservations and implementations

  8. Send a reminder email the day before the implementation date

  9. Implementation record update function

Reliable pricing for billing only during the season you use

Reliable flat-rate plan

Initial cost 55,000 yen only for the first year

From 13,200 yen / month only for the month you use

No matter how many people make reservations and carry out, a flat rate system

16,500 yen / month if full mist is also implemented

Pay-as-you-go plan for what you use

Initial cost 0 yen

Only for the month you use 3,300 yen / month

Reservation of Uttaro members, billing by the number of inoculations

We do not charge for cancellations or reservations made by the staff.

​We also offer a great deal with the new Corona Vaccine Plan.

Convenient parallel operation with the corona vaccine reservation plan!

Main features

No special software needs to be installed on a specific PC Any PC that can connect to the Internet and browse websites can be operated. Remote work for clerical staff is also possible! Since the past history is converted into data from the history image of the MCH handbook, it is easy to transfer from other companies' systems.

​Frequently Asked Questions Before Implementation

Q. Are there any restrictions on the contract period?

A. is not. However, for the pay-as-you-go plan, the contract cannot be canceled because the number of charges is charged until the month when the reservation is made.

Q. Can only my family patient be allowed to book online?

A.​ I can do it. You can select whether to allow the medical examination ticket number blank or to enter it in the settings of the medical institution.

Q. Is it possible to make a special reservation slot for people over 65 years old and those under that age?

A.​ I can do it. You can set an age limit for each reservation slot. If the age on the day of reservation does not meet the age limit set in the reservation frame, the reservation frame will not be displayed in advance.

Q. Patients under the age of 13 are vaccinated twice a year. Is it possible to divide the number of appointments and set the vaccination interval for each age?

A. I can do it. It is specified in the basic settings that patients over 13 years old can make a reservation and vaccination once a year, and children under 13 years old can make a reservation up to 2 times. In the case of two doses, you can freely set the minimum number of weeks in the vaccine master.

Depending on the medical institution, the policy may differ, such as opening for 1 to 3 weeks or more, or inoculating in less than 4 weeks as much as possible, but both can be handled.

​ Even if you are under 13 years old, you can use it without any problem even at medical institutions that have a policy of inoculating only once.

Q. The inoculation capacity varies depending on the inoculation age, but can the required vaccine capacity be calculated automatically according to the age?

A. I can do it. By specifying the inoculation capacity by age in the vaccine master, the inoculation capacity is displayed in the reservation list with the capacity suitable for the age on the day. You can also output the total required capacity for one day.

Q. If the staff manually makes a reservation, are there many input items?

A.​ The only required items are the name of the inoculated person, Yomigana, the date of birth (Japanese calendar or the Christian era), and the number of influenza inoculations reserved for this year.

If you can hear and have enough space to enter, please enter your phone number, zip code, medical examination ticket number, etc.

Q. Is it possible to check the history of vaccines inoculated at other hospitals, especially the history of new corona vaccines?

A.​ Vaccine history at other hospitals reserved and executed by reserved patients through online reservation at Uttaro will be shared, so Uttaro will automatically limit reservations for reservations where the implementation history and inoculation interval with future reservations are not appropriate. To eliminate it.

​ Vaccine records reserved and inoculated without using Uttaro will be restricted from making reservations other than the appropriate inoculation interval based on the history entered in the self-reported history of the person. However, there are rare cases where the self-assessment of the person is incorrect, so please confirm with the person on the day, and make a final check of the pre-examination slip, maternal and child handbook, etc.

Q. I am using the Uttaro new corona vaccine exclusive plan. Do patients have to re-register with Uttaro for influenza appointments?

A.​ Patients can take an account with the Uttaro GENKI notebook once at any reservation site, and even if the medical institution changes or the reservation URL operated by the medical institution changes, there is no need to re-register. You can proceed to the reservation with the same ID and password. Of course, all past inoculation history will be inherited. Please note that the URL of the Corona Vaccine Reservation Site and the URL of the Influenza Reservation Site are different URLs.

​Inquiries / Quotations Request
In addition to medical institutions, we also accept inquiries from companies...
​​ * Due to the rapid increase in inquiries, it may take longer than usual to reply. note that.
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