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1 month demo environment trial

​It is limited to medical institutions that perform vaccination work.

If you wish to forgo your formal application, please take the survey.

All of the basic pediatric internal medicine plan, the influenza vaccine plan, and the corona vaccine reservation plan can be trialed before a formal contract can be made.

How to apply and steps after application

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Please check "Apply for a trial" in the document request application form, or request a document,WebAfter receiving the explanation at the interview, if you wish to use it, please ask the sales representative.

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

After confirming the location of the medical institution, we will create a trial environment.


Step1. Please apply from the application form.

When the trial environment is ready, we will send you an email notifying you that the service is available.

Please note that it may take some time to issue an account depending on the status of your application. In a few days, you will receive an activation notification with a temporary password. Please set your own password after logging in. If you do not receive it within a week, please check your spam folder or contact our support desk or sales representative.

Step1. Please apply from the application form.


You can set it by yourself while watching the video manual or PDF manual, but you may feel that there are many setting items and it may be troublesome.

We will conduct a web interview or an e-mail form, listen to your requests, and set up the contents according to the current situation. If you have not decided on the number of people in the reservation frame, the timetable, etc., please contact us as soon as it is decided and we will respond.

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Please check the operation in the hospital.

​ Once the online reservation slot has been created, the staff can use the Uttaro GENKI Notebook as a new patient to register and make a trial. Please check if the explanations of vaccines and medical examinations and the information in the emails are not in line with the actual situation, and check the operation by checking the combination of simultaneous vaccinations.

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Formal contract preparation. The settings of the trial environment can be inherited as they are after the official contract, so you can complete the preparations for the settings during the trial period.

​In principle, the reservation site will be made public to the actual patient only after receiving a formal contract. However, if adoption is a premise, it is possible to officially operate from the trial period if you let us know. We will directly accept operation support from patients at our contact point, so please be sure to inform the actual patient in advance of the scheduled date when the reservation site will be opened to the public in order to inform the support side.

Step1. Please apply from the application form.

Please let us know about your intention to adopt and the schedule to start operation.

Operation support when a formal contract is decided,Notification tool for patients (poster/information leaflet)We provide template data for your requests. Please take advantage of it.

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