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​Frequently asked questions from medical institutions before introduction

Questions frequently asked by medical institutions considering introduction

I have summarized the answers.

About IT skills of family households such as patients and parents

Q Family household I am concerned about the IT skills of parents. Maybe you can't master your smartphone or PC?  

A Uttaro users have very few people who do not know how to use it at all. Certainly there are individual differences in skills and differences in the models owned. The average IT skill seems to have risen significantly in the last few years. In such a case, if you can guide the patient to our support desk, we will answer directly about the operation method, so we will not increase the burden on the reception staff. .. 

  You can also contact us from LINE. Also, if you cannot operate it by all means, you can make an interrupt reservation by making a reservation at the counter and having the staff post the reservation details to Uttaro.


Information sharing with parents

Q What kind of function is mother-child notebook sharing?  

A It is a function to share and browse the inoculation history of children mainly between the clinic and parents. If parents register the vaccine information and birth information that their children have been vaccinated with, they can view it by child at the clinic registered as a Uttaro doctor (family doctor). .. This will allow you to consult about the vaccination reservation schedule and check before vaccination smoothly. 

In order not to burden patients and parents with manual input of vaccination history, we provide a service to convert the vaccination history page into data by registering the photo of the vaccination history page of the mother and child notebook from the GENKI notebook. Images are also shared with medical institutions.

It contributes to reducing the burden and improving the accuracy of past history.


Q Do I have to enter all the inoculation history and future history to the parents?

  A No. Especially for children who are in elementary school, the vaccination schedule is not so complicated, and for children and adults who are vaccinated against influenza or cervical cancer, it is compared with the period of the vaccination immediately before. Please answer the name of the vaccine you inoculated just before it is displayed in the question when accepting the reservation. 

In addition, children who have been booked through Uttaro and have completed vaccination at the clinic will be asked to take action to complete the vaccination at the clinic, so parents do not have to update their own history to inoculate. The history will be updated.  


Worried about staff IT skills
Q There is no staff who is good at IT  

A There is no problem if you have a level that allows you to operate Excel and Word and send and receive emails on your computer.

There is no problem if you tell us that you can strengthen your basic knowledge of security so that information such as forms such as login passwords and downloaded reservation lists will not be leaked.  


Q I'm worried if I can make initial settings

A Vaccine Master will set the standard settings here, so you only need to check it. We will also hear about the setting of the reservation frame in advance and propose a setting method or act on your behalf. Due to the specifications, we may not be able to meet your request, but it is okay if you consider whether to introduce it based on that.

Since it is in the cloud, you can set up and support while looking at the same screen online without visiting engineers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone, LINE, etc.


About reservation management rules
Q Is it possible to accept simultaneous vaccinations?  

A Yes. First, you can select one vaccine you want to inoculate, and after confirming your reservation, you can select multiple vaccines you want to inoculate on the same day and make a reservation. You can also specify a combination of simultaneous vaccinations from the vaccine master.  


Q What is the period setting for vaccines that must be inoculated multiple times?  

There is a limit on the period that must be opened until the next inoculation with A set inoculation. If the question at the time of booking is different from the previous vaccination history, we will ask you to answer on the spot and check if there is an appropriate period until the desired reservation date. 

However, we do not currently support about restrictions such as "It is best to make a reservation around the spring of the first grade of elementary school ...". There will be some error regarding such restrictions, but you can check and change the settings that are currently supported in the Vaccine Master on the clinic management screen.  


Q Is it possible to limit the period for multiple set inoculations?  

A A warning will be displayed regarding the upper limit, but reservations can be made. If the list is filled in yellow in the reservation list on the clinic's management screen, there are vaccines that have been reserved beyond the upper limit, so please consult with your parents in advance and change the schedule if necessary. Please have it and operate it.  


Q Regarding rotavirus vaccine and cervical cancer vaccine, the rules for inoculation of multiple sets differ depending on the type. What are your measures? 

  A Rotavirus has two types of vaccines, Rotatech and Rotarix, and cervical cancer has Cervarix and Gardasil as vaccine masters, so please select the vaccine that is available at the clinic. In addition, if a new vaccine is introduced in Japan, we will do our best to reflect it in the master as soon as possible.  


Q The number of inoculations for Japanese encephalitis may differ depending on the local government. What is the response? 

  A Currently, the standard number of inoculations is set. It seems that many local governments adopt an irregular number of sets. At Uttaro, you can set vaccine rules for each clinic from the Vaccine Master. Please change the settings as appropriate on the clinic management screen.  


Q Is it possible to accept reservations for influenza? 

A Yes. It is possible even now. In the case of influenza, children in upper grades, junior high school, and high school are also inoculated, and since the number of people is very large, you may want a simple reservation acceptance method, so we will consider improving the function in influenza reservation. I am doing it. Even adults can make reservations. Adults (20 years old and over) If you do not know the past history, you can make a reservation without entering the history.


Q Is it possible to accept people who cannot use a personal computer or the Internet? 

  A There is a function called interrupt reservation. If you use this function, you can make a reservation manually from the clinic management screen.  


About conditions necessary for introduction and cooperation with other systems
Q What kind of preparation does the clinic need to prepare for the introduction? 

  A You can use an environment that can connect to the Internet, a personal computer (an environment that can use Excel / PDF), and a printer that can print. 

If you can connect to the Internet, you can browse it on a tablet such as an iPad.  


Q Is it possible to link with electronic medical records? 

A Currently, there is no electronic medical record to be linked. In addition, there are no current plans for version upgrades. However, since the child's inoculation history list and birth information can be output in Excel, it is possible to attach a file to an electronic medical record or print it out.  


Q What is the support in case of trouble?

A We will inform the contracted clinic of the support phone number and respond to inquiries by e-mail. In addition, if you can connect to the Internet, we will remotely see the relevant computer and solve the problem. Details will be announced after the contract.  


Q How long does it take to open after applying for introduction? 

A After applying and contracting, we will prepare the clinic's account, notification materials at the clinic, and send the manual. After that, the clinic will set the initial settings and reservation frame, and reservation acceptance will start. It takes about one week to open an account, but considering the subsequent preparations and the notification period to parents, it will be possible to introduce it smoothly if you allow about one month before the first reservation is accepted.


About security
Q Is my child's personal information managed by the clinic? 

A Clinic and personal information of children are managed by our cloud server. If the clinic manages the password of the clinic management screen and the downloaded Excel data strictly, it is not necessary to manage a large amount of personal information at the clinic. 

If you need to change your password due to staff retirement or change of staff, please let us know.  


Q What is the security of cloud servers and systems? 

A Uttaro's cloud server operates on a robust server in Japan. In addition, the system protects communication data by SSL so that personal information is not leaked, lost or damaged due to eavesdropping on communication, and SQL injection is performed for cross-site scripting and database linkage.

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