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Multiple medical institutions share information about one patient household

Uttaro GENKI手帳

Patients and their families can make online reservations without re-registering new reservations at Uttaro-compatible medical institutions or re-declaring past history.


[For Uttaro-introduced medical institutions]

Share information and vaccination history of reserved patients! The clinic can check the vaccination history of the patient who made the reservation in advance from the management screen, and can also update the history of the patient who made and received the reservation through this system.

[For patients and parents]

You can centrally manage your child's information and inoculation history regardless of the clinic! If you get an account with the free Uttaro GENKI notebook , you can centrally update and manage your inoculation history. Even if you need to change your family doctor due to moving etc., if you are a medical institution that supports online reservation of Uttaro GENKI notebook, you can continue to make reservations with this account and share the renewal vaccination history as before. increase.

Inoculation history data conversion from maternal and child handbook photos

There is also an online reservation function for medical examinations!

​Vaccine master

Edit online reservation rules according to medical institution policy​

Main features

No special software needs to be installed on a specific PC Any PC that can connect to the Internet and browse websites can be operated. Remote work for clerical staff is also possible! Since the past history is converted into data from the history image of the MCH handbook, it is easy to transfer from other companies' systems.

ワクチンルール設定マスタ 予約時の制限設定など編集できるワクチンルールが10項目

It can be set according to the policy of the medical institution or doctor from the nationally unified rules such as the alert of regular vaccination, age limit, combination of simultaneous vaccination, and vaccination interval from the previous history. On behalf of the reception staff, we will accept online reservations while checking the information according to the rules.

​Not only pediatric vaccines, but also influenza vaccines and some travel vaccines can be reserved.


Reservation frame management

It can be set for each time such as how to tick the time of the reservation frame, type of received vaccine, capacity etc.

There are various operation methods for each medical institution, such as wanting to change the vaccine received every hour or changing the capacity.

If it is a reservation operation with a capacity system, we have a track record of supporting many operation methods.


With the output of various forms, you are freed from the pile of paper ledger and Excel input so far!

Patient management

患者管理 接種履歴データ

Reservation details of patient reservations and past vaccination history can be checked in advance

​While I was busy on the day of the implementation, I had no choice but to stop the implementation by finding the history that I had not heard over the phone and overlooked at the window at the time of reservation in the analog MCH handbook. In order to prevent such a situation, you can check the past vaccination history of the parent's declaration by the implementation date.

​After making an online reservation, vaccinations carried out by the medical institution can be easily updated by the medical institution, and patients and parents do not need to update the history by themselves.

Check the latest reservation status every day


New online reservation / window reservation

You can see the movement of change cancellation

You can check the movement of reservations to see what kind of reservations are made. Whether it's a counter reservation or an online reservation, it's easier to find out by tracing the circumstances that you've forgotten to say something and made a mistake, and the staff was responsible for everything.

Graphical reservation site like homepage


Set a logo or cover image, and freely update the vaccine description.

​ Efficiently convey information that you want to inform patients with rich expressions

The screen of the reservation site is too simple or too many characters to understand.

​ With a simple update from the management screen, you can easily set logos, cover images, editing and link settings of notification texts, explanations of vaccines and medical examinations, etc. to create a graphical and easy-to-read site like a homepage.

If you can give us your logo and photo material, we will process it to make it look good and set it for you. Of course you can edit it yourself


​Vaccine inventory management

Manage refrigerator inventory by lot number

It is a simple management that only records receipts and deliveries.

In the year-round vaccine business, the number of reservations and inventory do not exactly match.

You can freely record and manage it separately from the number of reservations.


Also supports online reservations for health examinations


Setting a medical examination name with a high degree of freedom

You can set a reservation frame for medical examinations only.

With a simple reservation flow, parents can easily make online reservations, changes, and cancellations.

​ * Since the vaccination reservation frame and the medical examination reservation frame are built separately, it is not a method that allows you to make a vaccination and medical examination reservation by setting the capacity at once like simultaneous vaccination. note that.

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