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Support for medical institutions

Reliable support before introduction and after contract. We will support you as if you were a member of the staff.

To prevent infection with the new coronavirus, most of the staff are working remotely for the time being.

We would appreciate it if you could use the online meeting as much as possible to explain the new sales.

In addition, although calls to the representative phone number are handled as usual, there are rare cases of inconvenience such as difficulty in connecting due to the radio wave condition of the place where the person in charge is located and difficulty in hearing the voice. We will call you back, so please be forewarned.

​Before introduction

1 month before contract Free trial & initial setting agency and operation support

Before deciding on a contract, you can try it out in the same environment as the actual production. Initial setting agency and operation consultation will be handled in the same way as this contract. If you would like to make an actual reservation during the trial, please let us know. We will prepare the operator to respond to the patient. If you make a contract as it is, the trial environment will be the contract environment, so you do not need to set it again.

​ If, unfortunately, you cannot adopt it after the trial, we ask only for your cooperation in the questionnaire .

Online explanation or visit explanation

We will support both. Since we are located in Osaka, it may take some time to adjust the schedule if you are outside the prefecture. note that.

After contract

​We will send you the data with your name along with the URL of the reservation site of the medical institution such as the poster posted in the hospital, the operation leaflet, and the support information leaflet. Please modify it according to the operation policy, distribute it in the hospital, and post it on the website for use.

Operation support for staff

We will support you by phone or email.

Correspondence from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (There are temporary closures such as New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon)

​ In case of an emergency, please contact us at other times.

Support for patients and parents

​After operation

​Direct support for patients and parents who do not know how to operate Uttaro

Please inform the patient / guardian of our support contact phone number.

If you have any questions at the reception desk, we may call you from the reception desk and let our operators, patients, and parents take over the phone.

In addition, there is also an email and LINE window. You can contact us by the method that is convenient for patients and parents.

Correspondence from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays (There are temporary closures such as New Year holidays, Golden Week, Obon)

Mother and child notebook photo

Data conversion

There is a track record of converting 5000 mother and child notebook images into data.

Past history is essential for vaccination reservations, but it is difficult for patients and parents to be completely converted into data when making the first reservation. It may be converted into data in a hurry and become inaccurate data. ..

​ In such a case, if you register the image of the mother and child notebook from the Uttaro GENKI notebook, it will be converted into data on the next business day (Monday in the case of Friday). If you register with plenty of time, it will be very easy to proceed even if you make your first online reservation.

The reception will be converted into data during the day until 11:00 am on weekdays.

Support for medical institutions

Correspondence record of more than 6,000 cases

We propose to medical institutions before the introduction a setting method that promotes automation without significantly changing the current operation from the initial setting.

After the start of operation, we will not only answer any questions about the operation method from the staff, but also directly respond to operation inquiries from patients and parents.

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