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For newborns and children under 2 years old, please record the entire vaccination history. We recommend that you consult with a medical institution once for the detailed schedule.

Once you have created an account and are able to log in, please complete the following settings.  
1. Registration of family information including brothers and sisters 
2. Register your child's vaccination history since birth 
3. If you have the time, please register your child's birth information when making a reservation.
*If you use the "Maternity Health Handbook Reading" function on the vaccination history registration screen, you can read the Maternal and Child Health Handbook.
If you take a double-page photo of the vaccination history page and register it, your past history will be converted into data.will be done. Please take advantage of it.

The approximate completion date for data conversion is that photos received by 18:00 will be converted to data the next business day. Operations will be smoother if you make a reservation after it has been converted into data.

Next, check if your clinic is registered in "My Medical Institution" on My Page. If you do not have a registration, please access the reservation page announced at the clinic and click the "Register for Family" button to complete the registration. From the next time, you will be able to easily access and make reservations. 

By "registering with your family" for institutions such as your clinic or nursery school, you do not need to bring your child's vaccination history to the clinic to your doctor and vaccination reservation staff. , You will be able to share information. Consultation of the next schedule and reservation will be smooth. 

* If you make a reservation through the Uttaro GENKI notebook and the inoculation is completed at the reserved clinic, the inoculation history will be updated automatically, so you will not have to manually register your child's inoculation history in the future. increase. 

Promptly issue certificates for children studying abroad!

Issuing an English certificate takes time even if you contact a nearby medical institution, hospital, or local government, and it also takes time to check the past history. Only Japanese is supported, only the history of the past 5 years is output, etc. By registering the latest completed vaccination history in Uttaro, it is possible for Uttaro-compatible medical institutions to promptly issue an inoculation history certificate in English and Japanese.

* If you have a history of vaccination that has not been approved in Japan, such as having traveled abroad, or if you need to issue a special format or in a language other than English or Japanese, even a Uttaro-compatible medical institution cannot handle it, or it will take time to issue. First of all, please consult with the medical institution about the format required.

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