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I haven't received a new registration email or reservation confirmation email

[ Common causes and solutions]

・ The case where the email address is misspelled

・ There are cases where you are refused to specify the domain or receive emails from your PC. We will explain from the cases where we have received a lot of support so far, please try.








uttaro setting

Set uttaro in email filtering rules

  1. In Email, click in the sidebar and select Rules.
    If you don't see the sidebar, see Show or hide the sidebar in Email .

  2. Click Add Rule and specify the filtering criteria.

    • In the Name or Email Address field, enter the sender's name as the "" email address.

    • In the Select Rule pop-up menu, set the rule behavior.

For au / ezweb

How to access the setting screen

  • For iPhone
    Junk E-mail Filter Settings
    Please access the above, check the setting method, turn off the Wi-Fi setting (Settings → Wi-Fi) of the iPhone, and access the mail setting screen.
    Log in with your au ID and password → "Junk E-mail Filter Top" → "Set other detailed settings" → "Symptom E-mail Omakase Regulation"

  • For smartphones
    [au mail app]
    Start the au mail application, and select the menu key on the upper left → "Change address / filter settings" → "OK" → "Set / confirm junk mail filter" → "Enter security code" → "Set other detailed settings" → "Random regulation of junk mail"
    [Email app]
    Start the e-mail application, "MENU" → "Address change / filter setting" → "Junk e-mail filter setting / confirmation" → "Enter security code" → "Set other detailed settings" → "Email entrustment regulation" 』\
    [Other email apps]
    Start the e-mail application, "Settings"-> "E-mail settings"-> "Other settings"-> "OK"-> "Junk mail filter settings / confirmation"-> "Enter security code"-> "Other detailed settings" Do ”→“ E-mail entrustment regulation ”

  • For au mobile phones
    [Keitai (4G LTE)]
    "Email key" → "Submenu" "Menu" or "Settings" → "Email settings" → "Address change / Other" or "Other settings" → "Connect" * 1 → "Junk mail filter setting / "To confirmation"-> "Enter security code"-> "Set individual settings"-> "Symptom mail entrusted regulation"

    1. It may not be displayed depending on the model.

Setting method

  • When canceling this function, please change "Junk E-mail Omakase Regulation" to "Not Restricted".

  • If you do not want to receive the report notification of this function, change "Restriction of junk mail entrustment" to "Regulate (report notification OFF)".

  • If you want to receive blocked e-mails in the future Enter the e-mail address (or domain part) you want to receive in "Register in the reception list" or "Register in the reception list / Set the address book reception settings" and "Register". , You can receive it in the future.

  • Please set "" in the reception list and address book.

<What is "Random E-mail Regulation">

"E-mail entrustment regulation" automatically determines e-mails that are suspected of being junk e-mails and blocks them from reaching customers (Note 2), but very rarely, e-mails that are not junk e-mails are regulated. May occur.

You cannot receive blocked emails, but there is a function to notify you of email information (received date and time, From address, subject) by email once a day.

  1. After understanding the characteristics of junk e-mails that are distributed on the Internet and fall into the following categories, refer to information such as the subject and body of e-mails sent to customers, and e-mails that match the characteristics of junk e-mails. Block.


1. Please make "Receive list settings" and check "Receive".

When setting the reception list, please set so that you can receive emails from "".

For details on the setting method, refer to the procedure on the au official website below.

au junk mail filter function> Receive list settings

For docomo mail



Enter and set the e-mail address and domain you want to receive individually.

You can enter the "email address" and "forwarding source / mailing address" of the receiving computer.

  • In "Registering the e-mail address to receive", please register " ".

For SoftBank mail


For smartphones


Follow the steps below to access "My Softbank" and set the reception settings.


For iPhone, there are two reception settings, "" and "", so please set both.


For smartphones other than iPhone, set only "SMS / MMS".


▼ S / MMS (for


Access "My SoftBank"

Tap "Email settings"

Tap "Set" in the mail settings (SMS / MMS)

Enter your password to log in to "My SoftBank"

Tap "Change" in [Junk E-mail Block Settings]

Tap "Click here for individual settings"

Tap "Reception permission list setting" in [Reception permission / rejection setting]

Usage settings

Check "Set"

Enter the domain or address you want to receive, select the matching condition, and tap "Set"

Setting completed


You can access "My Softbank" from here.


▼ Email (i) (for


Access "My SoftBank"

Tap "Email settings"

Enter your password to log in to "My SoftBank"

Tap "Set" in the mail settings "Email (i)"

E-mail block setting Tap "Next"

Receiving permission list Tap "Change"

Tap "Start using"

Tap "Next"

Tap "Add"

Enter the domain or address you want to receive Select the matching method and tap "Next"

Check the contents and tap "Register"

Tap "OK"

To add to the list, select "Change" for the number of usages and tap "Add".

Setting completed

You can access "My Softbank" from here.

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