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ワクチン図鑑 ワクチン基礎知識

Did you know? Basic knowledge of vaccines


What are live and inactivated vaccines?

If you inject a live injectable vaccine (e.g. BCG, MR, chicken pox, mumps vaccine) and then another injectable live vaccine, you must wait at least 4 weeks. Live vaccines, such as rota vaccine, do not have this restriction. Another vaccine may be given the next day. Inactivated vaccines can also be given another dose the day after the same. *New rules will apply from October 1, 2020.


What are the precautions for multiple-dose vaccines?

Some vaccines require multiple doses to complete. And the schedule interval required for the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd vaccinations depends on the type of vaccine. For example, hepatitis B, Hib, pneumococcus for children, rota, etc. In addition to the principle of live and inactivated vaccines, you must be vaccinated in multiple sets at intervals according to the rules for each vaccine. . If you inoculate one type a day, it will be difficult to inoculate all of them in terms of schedule. Vaccines should be given at similar intervals at the same time, so please refer to this page or consult with your family doctor to make a good plan.


What is the difference between routine and voluntary vaccinations?

Routine vaccination has a great advantage of preventing terrible infectious diseases, and the cost is fully subsidized by public funds. On the other hand, voluntary inoculations are not subsidized by public funds or partially, and self-pay will occur.

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