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Protects against tuberculosis, which can be transmitted to people 2m away from the air and cannot be prevented by wearing a mask or washing your hands!

stamp-shaped vaccine



Only 5 to 10% of healthy people develop symptoms, but symptoms such as coughing, phlegm, and mild fever progress to a chronic infection after a period of mild symptoms.
In infants, severe pneumonia and meningitis may occur in severe cases.
Even now, there are about 23,000 tuberculosis cases per year.

Children under the age of 1 can be vaccinated as routine vaccinations.
Antibodies are less likely to develop before 3 months of age, so it is generally given after 5 months of age. When inoculating at the same time, it is often booked together with the 3rd dose of the 4-type mixture.
One inoculation is enough.
Since it is an injectable live vaccine, it is necessary to keep an interval of at least 4 weeks from the next injectable live vaccine. If your child was vaccinated just before one year of age, make sure that there is at least four weeks between the next live vaccines, MR vaccine, chickenpox vaccine, and mumps vaccine.
In Japan, tuberculosis, which used to be considered an incurable disease and killed many people, can be prevented. About 20,000 people still develop the disease each year.
In severe cases, it causes pneumonia and meningitis.
After vaccination with the stamp-type vaccine, some babies have side effects such as pus and swelling. If the symptoms are severe and you are very concerned, we recommend that you consult with the medical institution where you were vaccinated or your family medical institution.

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