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Don't forget!

Protects against tetanus and diphtheria for another 10 years, after 10 years from inoculation of four kinds of mixed inoculation!


Mixture of two

After the age of 30, even if you were vaccinated as a child, your immune system is weakened.
Since it is a fungus that exists everywhere, booster vaccination is necessary especially for volunteers in disaster areas and when traveling abroad.
After elementary school, the immune system is weakened.
Even in Japan, there are many people who are infected with the virus, so it is recommended to get vaccinated every 10 years for your own sake as well as to prevent it from spreading to elementary school students and the elderly.

Children between the ages of 11 and 13 can receive only one dose of routine vaccination. Many people forget to vaccinate, so please be careful not to forget.
This is a vaccine to extend the immunity to two types of diphtheria and tetanus among the four types of mixed vaccines that were inoculated four times as a routine vaccination when children were 0 to 1 year old.
Guidance from the local government says diphtheria and tetanus additional inoculations, and there are cases where it is misunderstood as the 5th dose of the 4-type mixture. please give me.
Among diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, and polio, which are prevented by a combination of four vaccines, diphtheria and tetanus in particular have a short expiration date, and after about 10 years, the effects of a mixture of four vaccines become ineffective. increase.
Pertussis is also prone to infection and epidemics due to loss of antibodies, so many people are recently vaccinated with the triple vaccine at their own expense.
Even adults lose their antibodies in about 10 years, so they may receive a booster vaccination every 10 years.
Tetanus prophylaxis is essential for those traveling abroad, volunteers, and those engaged in support activities in disaster-stricken areas and developing countries.
Even if you are an adult, you should be vaccinated properly according to your travel destination and activities.

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